I'm Aleka

Intuitive Intelligence Is My Secret Sauce

Born explorer, I lead to the unknown, daring to stand on the edge with courage and see possibilities everywhere.

My Story

Today I have a life beyond my wildest dreams. I am in a devoted relationship with a man I respect and love, and we have two children that keep us in awe and wonder. I have a daily mental fitness practice that connects me to my truth and keeps me grounded. I am fuelled by my passion and purpose, doing the work I love. But it wasn’t always so! In my early 30s, I was heading towards the abyss. Life had not worked out the way I had envisioned. Despite having achieved academic and career success, I felt unfulfilled and my self-esteem was low. To mask the mounting insecurity and sense of failure, I was drinking too much and the consequences were piling up. It was costing more than money. Then I discovered a system that changed everything. I committed fully to a greater vision and threw myself fearlessly into action. I put all my energy, focus and intention towards this new-found process and way of being, and transformed my life. Having crawled out of the darkness of addiction, I know from experience that anything is possible. 

My Values & Beliefs

Intuitive Intelligence

We all have access to innate potential and wisdom beyond our mental faculties. Developing awareness and connection to this guiding power, accessed through intuitive intelligence, is a key component of my work.

Integrity + Humility

Being honest, open and willing to face the truth with humility is the key to cultivating great leadership. These values helped me change my life and are indispensable for transformation and growth.

Trust + Courage

Trust is the catalyst for taking inspired action. Trust results in a willingness to see new possibilities, inspiration to commit to a higher vision and courage to move into aligned action and fulfil our true potential.

Service To Others

Through service, I have found a practical way to choose love over fear, expand my awareness and deepen my connection. Service helps me stay open and humble. It is the key to finding the gift in any situation or challenge.

My Mission

When we harness the infinite power within us we can create anything we desire. My mission is to empower women to tap into their innate potential and reclaim their true worth to create a life of power, presence and purpose and do the work they love. I’m a Certified Transformational Presence Coach (CTPC), YogaBody® Breathing Coach and Sound Therapy Gong Practitioner.  My process harnesses the power of intuitive intelligence, connecting you to the heart of who you are, so you can experience your own personal power and be led by the potential of your life and work mission. Supported by coaching that helps you build positive mental habits, you can create sustained momentum for inspired action and joyful growth. For over 12 years, I have had the privilege of helping women achieve the same transformation I experienced using these proven systems. To find out how I can support you, book a call today!

Aleka Powell is a Sound Therapist and Life Coach

My Ethos

Develop Mental Fitness

  • Adopt an easy mental fitness practice that will improve the self-command muscle
  • Break-through negative emotions by weakening predominant self-sabotaging tendencies
  • Learn to use the three-gifts technique to increase knowledge, power and inspiration
  • Develop empathy towards self and others to improve communication and collaboration
  • Focus on exploration to reduce stress and foster resilience in the face of uncertainty
  • Enable innovation to meet opportunities and challenges with clarity and confidence

Connect To Intuitive Intelligence

  • Access insights and greater wisdom beyond our mental faculties
  • Perceive beyond the obvious to navigate complex challenges and find effective next steps
  • Become more receptive, creative, and innovative by working with the potential of any situation or circumstance
  • Sense the interconnectedness of all things to foster collaboration and build better relationships
  • Understand what is happening on multiple levels in situations and circumstances and be motivated to take inspired action

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