Empowering You

Dream Big and Make A Bigger Impact


Reconnect to your passion and purpose to gain clarity about what you desire and why


Train your mental fitness to transform your beliefs and commit to a higher vision


 Implement a clear plan of action that is aligned with your vision, mission, values and goals


Be motivated to take inspired action, stay  accountable to your vision and focused on your goals

 Personalised Coaching Packages

Lead with potential, purpose and joy 

By harnessing the power of your heart intelligence, you can access infinite possibilities and commit to a higher vision for your life and work. Working together to awaken your intuitive intelligence I will support you to clarify your vision so you can take courageous and aligned action that elevates your performance and leadership capabilities. Get back in touch with the awe and wonder of your heart to lead with potential, purpose and joy. Let’s explore the opportunity of working together!


Born from a creative process of exploration and imagination, a vision serves as a powerful change catalyst. It provides guidance, inspiration, and motivation. It enables authentic leadership by helping you stay focused and communicate your objectives effectively, increasing your influence and harnessing collaboration.


Often we can become our own worst enemies because we have self-sabotaging tendencies that affect our performance and weaken our ability to innovate and get into inspired action. My process is a combination of daily mental fitness practices and mindset training that increases self-awareness, self-belief, self-confidence and resilience.


How you make decisions and allocate resources depends on what stage of life or business you’re at. Aligning your vision, mission and goals, we will create a personalised step-by-step roadmap consisting of a set of guiding principles, appropriate actions and prioritized activities that achieve your desired objectives.


Coaching is a thought-provoking process of exploration and discovery that leads to innovation and growth. I will partner with you to integrate new awareness, reframe perspectives, create breakthrough insights and commit to SMART goals, helping you gain momentum and get into action to achieve your vision. 

When Anything Is Possible 

Dare To Dream Big!

It takes self-belief, courage, commitment, and consistent action to execute a plan and achieve your vision. Whether it be doing more meaningful work, being a more effective leader, creating a dream business, or having more freedom to do the things you love, my process gives you the accountability and support to stay inspired and motivated, and the tools to get there.

What will I achieve with coaching that I can't on my own?

Throughout our coaching together, you will experience incredible transformation in your mindset and beliefs, helping you achieve your goals and dreams. A valuable part of the coaching relationship is accountability: having clear, self-directed goals in line with your vision, a step-by-step plan with a completion date, and a system of implementation to keep you on track.

Each coaching session will create a break-through and there will be between 1-3 Coach’s requests, which is a request to put into practice the process and/or action plan you discovered in the session, in order to anchor the break-through and make it part of your daily routine and/or business strategy.

How are the coaching packages structured?

I offer one-to-one and group coaching packages. You can choose from a VIP Day (an intensive coaching session of 3-5 hours) or a longer coaching package of three- or six-month duration, where I will be coaching you through a proven, step-by-step system that creates momentum and tangible results. A When you are coaching for three or six months, you will have two one-to-one coaching sessions monthly, so you stop ‘going it alone’.

For all the coaching session, you will have worksheets, tools and practices that will be delivered through a combination of online resources and in-person sessions designed to get you into consistent action quickly so you can implement what you are learning. This means you will stay on track, so you can improve your effectiveness and performance and have a bigger impact in the lives of more people.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Each coaching session is 45 minutes and is designed to create a shift in perspective and bring about change. Being intentional is a powerful way to show up and serves to honour the value of our time together. By staying focused on creating the break-through you desire, we avoid the drama of the story and instead partner with the potential of the opportunity waiting to unfold.

Code of Ethics

I adhere to the gold standard in coaching. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation, whose code of conduct and code of ethics is integral to my work and values. The principles I am passionate about are integrity, service to others, and excellence. These are essential to creating a culture of collaboration and trust, which are indispensable for long-term personal growth and realising your vision.


I’ve trained with Master Coach Alan Seale, Founder of the Centre for Transformational Presence and the creator of a unique coaching methodology that harnesses  Intuitive Intelligence and connects to the limitless potential that’s always available. I’ve trained with Master Coach Shirzad Charmine, New York Times best-selling author and Founder of Positive Intelligence, a ground-breaking research-driven system based on neuroscience and positive psychology that improves performance and well-being  at work by building mental resilience.

I’ve been awarded the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I’m a Certified Transformational Presence Coach (CTPC) and Certified YogaBody® Breathing Coach.  

My Approach

Research demonstrates that the way we sabotage ourselves – through self-doubt, overwhelm and fear – decreases our effectiveness and happiness. Grounded in ancient wisdom traditions, consciousness studies and the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research, my approach offers practical yet powerful tools, skills and frameworks that expand capabilities for intuitive thinking and big-picture awareness. My process uses a combination of step-by-step training modules, personalised coaching sessions and sound therapy to access the power of your Sage and connect to the greatest potential within yourself and your situation. This potentials-based approach can improve your happiness and performance, and have a significant and sustained impact on your life and work. 

Aleka Powell Life and Business Coach

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

A one-hour discovery session to explore your overall vision, bring to light what’s holding you back, and discover the next step towards achieving your goals.  A valuable resource focused on your success!


Choose A Programme

Start with half/full-day intensive or choose a three or six-month programme where you will get personalised one-to-one coaching, supported by online resources and daily mental fitness training.

Reach Your Goals

Reaching your goals will catapult you to new levels of success. Every new level brings more learning and growth. Expansion, evolution and mastery is Life’s adventure. Let’s embark on it together!

Half/Full-Day Coaching Intensive

A personalised half or full-day package is perfect for you if you want an intensive emersion to create a profound breakthrough fast. This is a coaching intensive typically lasting between three to five hours depending on your needs and objectives. 

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This intensive VIP day will set you up for success as we work to discover the greatest potential in your situation, innovate solutions and create optimal outcomes for your chosen area of focus. Choose the focus of your VIP day from the modules below. For bespoke options, please enquire here

  • Vision, Mission & Goals discover your leading principles and create a soul-driven roadmap for your life and/or work, clarifying your next steps so you can get into inspired action to manifest your vision with intention and trust.
  • Build Resilience to dispel self-sabotaging tendencies and build mental fitness, learning simple mindfulness techniques and breathing practices that will quickly build sustainable habit change that creates a growth mindset. 

3/6-Month Coaching Programme

Choose from a three-month or six-month programme that focuses on creating a significant mindset shift that builds positive habits and momentum for sustainable change. 
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The coaching programme ensures you will be supported at each step of your journey to peak performance & well-beingCoaching together, we’ll create an empowering and authentic leadership mindset that gets you into courageous and aligned action. Regular personalised coaching sessions ensure the programme meets your individual needs at every step of the process. As your coach, I will share insights, support you to take action and  keep you motivated and accountable, so you stay on track to meeting your goals and objectives. The programme includes: 


  • Half-Day Coaching Intensive to shift into an empowering life vision-soul mission paradigm, transforming your beliefs and getting you into action quickly.
  • Bi-Monthly Coaching that creates breakthroughs in your thinking, raises your awareness, increases your presence and influence, so you can lead effectively with ease and flow.
  • Learning Centre for additional resources such as breathing and mindfulness practices that increase your focus and well-being between coaching sessions.

Next Level Business Incubator

This six-month package is a comprehensive, proven solution to take your business to the next level. What makes it unique is that you will lead with your intuitive intelligence. We will work to strengthen your Sage, elevate your mindset, improve your performance and implement effective systems, so you can leverage your time, increase your energy and enhance your capacity to earn more money.

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Starting with a Half- Day Intensive to create your vision, align your mission and set goals, you get two personalised one-on-one 45-minute strategy sessions per month for coaching and implementation, complemented by online resources, downloadable worksheets, and technology-enabled daily mental fitness practices to improve your performance. Coaching together, we’ll create a fresh, empowering success mindset, shifting your beliefs and actions in the process, so you quickly begin creating new and exciting results in your business. The programme includes:


  • Money Mindset Mastery to breakthrough limiting money beliefs, shattering your glass ceiling
  • Branding with Archetypes® to discover the soul of your personal and/or professional brand
  • Niche Breakthrough Secrets® to focus on your most profitable market niche and align your messaging
  • Client Attracting Signature System® to streamline your products/services, saving you time and energy
  • Packages That Sell to create an irresistible offer that attracts your ideal clients and increases your impact
  • How To Charge What You’re Worth And Get It® so you stop overdelivering and undercharging 

If you want sustainable, measurable transformation then let’s explore working together.