Sound Is Energy

"Everything in Life is vibration" - Albert Einstein

Sound has been used for thousands of years as a catalyst for connection, community and higher states of consciousness.

What Is Sound Therapy?

Modern physics has proven that everything is energy in motion and in a state of vibration. Our entire body and the biological systems within our body – bones, organs, tissues and cells – are vibrating at their own resonant frequencies. When we are not in harmony – physically, emotionally or mentally –  our dissonance presents on an energetic level and can be brought back into alignment by sound, which is energy. 

The gongs and other healing instruments produce sound frequencies that are considered beneficial. They entrain our system on a cellular level, lowering our brainwaves to alpha and theta, for deep relaxation and restoration. Using intention and sound to facilitate healing can be a powerful way to treat imbalances in physical, emotional, and mental states in a holistic and nurturing way. 

I trained with Gong Master Sheila Whittaker, Head Gong Tutor at the College of Sound Healing in the year-long Gong Practitioner course and have been facilitating one-to-one treatments, group sound ceremonies and sound healing at festivals and events since 2021. 

Aleka Powell is a Certified Gong Practitioner by the College of Sound Healing

How It Works 


Everything that is vibrating has a resonant frequency, which is the oscillation of a system at its natural or unforced resonance. When an object is struck, it vibrates at its natural resonant frequency. If we make a sound that has a frequency that matches the natural frequency of an object, it will start to vibrate. 


A temporal locking process in which one system’s frequency entrains the frequency of another system. It takes less energy to vibrate in synchronicity, so the source with the less powerful vibration locks into the most powerful. This process is a universal phenomenon that can be observed in physical (for example, pendulum clocks) and biological systems (for examples, fire flies).


It can be extremely powerful to have clarity and hold an intention for a beneficial outcome. Not trusting and not believing in the infinite power within ourselves can be our biggest block. Having a practitioner that is grounded and aligned with the intention for your highest good, can be a powerful catalyst for change.


When you are bathed in sound, the nurturing gong frequencies vibrate deeply within as you gently drop into a restorative and restful state of being.  You don’t have to “do” anything. Being open to the experience without judgement, trusting the present moment, and being willing to receive is the most beneficial approach to experiencing the magic of the gongs.

This can result in reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and increased productivity. Sound healing can create an emotional shift or a feeling of letting go, a new perspective or inspiration for a new idea. After a gong bath, many of my clients have reported a feeling of oneness and ease. If you would like to speak about a treatment plan or have any questions, book a time to speak.

Aleka Powell certified Gong Practitioner

What Clients Are Saying

What a beautiful gong bath Aleka hosted, the whole experience was one of total pleasure, I’d hoped to feel some healing from the session, and I must say I personally felt it helped me a lot… It’s was an experience I am looking forward to repeating, and I’m sure with Aleka’s passion I will not be disappointed.”

Linda Downton, carer & dog walker

Absolutely peace & tranquillity is how I felt after each session. The stunning gongs and the sounds they gave off made me feel wrapped up in an blanket of super energy and calmness. Give it a go you will feel cared for, relaxed & supercharged for anything !”

Michele Martinez, Naturopath and CEO Eat, Health, Love

The most sublime experience, I was completely transported to another dimension where I felt I was travelling through time and space. I slept like a baby that night. Wholeheartedly recommend Aleka’s sound therapy to anyone in need of some space to process the stuff of life. I came out of the session with a clarity of mind I had not had in a long while.”

Carolina Greer-Correa, Nutritionist

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